Social Experiment, Freedom of Thought, True LOVE

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Janksy & Rules

To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness in life.

Are you a Janksy BOY?

I want you to be my really good friend.

Notice: I can’t change myself for you. ... 😅

1. I don’t call you = You can call me.
2. I don’t ask where you are = You can tell me where you are
3. I don’t ask to buy things = I need your time, your laugh and your kindness.
4. I will travel without asking you cuz you can’t own me. = If you can, let's travel together!
5. I can meet you when I want to = People can't always feel good.
6. I’m a picky eater. I won’t eat unless I like = I don't wnat to eat chicken feet. : /
7. I can’t watch movies with you. Cuz I don’t like cinema = I can still go there if you want.
8. I will surprise you time to time = I'm not perfect.

PM me :))

I ❤️❤️❤️ ONE.

My boyfriend, husband

Of course no drug. No weed. No LS*. No chemical medicine such as you know. (Include anything that makes you fake high and fake happiness.) I want someone real and natural.

1. Do not over drink
2. Do not Smoke
3. Cheat (If you cheat your soul will be bleeding 😂😂😂)
4. Who can be you 99.9%
5. You won’t change yourself for me.
6. You love traveling
7. You’re slim enough. I don’t like chubby style.
8. You're the cutest and sweetest person in the world 🗺

Are you? DM Janksy to be her Janksy BOY